Bringing an Amazon market style approach to fixed income investing

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At Yieldtrust, our platform simplifies the experience.

We bring affordable, value-generating, and creative solutions to your clients, improving the user experience and underlying economics.

Finding partners

Finding partners to help you launch digital fixed income products quickly should be easy, whether you operate a digital bank, a fintech company, an investment advisory group, or financial services company.

Our Services

Choose from a range of services designed to meet your clients’ risk tolerance, investment objectives, and budgets:

Government and Municipal Bonds

Governments are among the most trusted and popular issuers of fixed-income assets in the world because of the guaranteed interest rates they offer. Our platform connects your clients to government and municipal bonds in developed, frontier, and emerging markets. Users get access to a spread of products offering tailored risk-reward profiles.


Finding suitable investment products for Islamic clients can be challenging. However, with our sukuks options, that process becomes considerably easier. These specialized fixed-income products align with Islamic teachings and beliefs, allowing practicing Muslims to grow their wealth considerably over time.

Fixed Savings Marketplace

We link to you a marketplace where your clients can get Amazon-like levels of choice over the savings accounts they use. Let customers invest in savings accounts from all over the world. Give them tools to help them find the inflation-beating interest rates and the best perks for their particular savings goals.

DeFi Yields

Fixed incomes are now available in the form of DeFi yields. DeFi yields use the blockchain to guarantee payments from borrower to lender. Yieldtrust carefully curates decentralized finance dividend opportunities, only selecting those that operate according to trusted protocols.

How Yieldtrust Works

Yieldtrust simplifies your processes and makes it easy for your clients to invest in fixed-income assets.


Open An Account

You can set up an account with us in a matter of minutes and select from a range of curated low-risk fixed-income investments from around the world.


Let Us Do The Hard Work

Yieldtrust then manages your investments on your behalf via our digital platform. We engage with numerous partners across the globe to find fixed-income opportunities that work for your clients.


Track Your Progress

You can use our app to track the progress of fixed income assets at any time. Our platform lets you withdraw or reinvest capital as you see fit.

The Yieldtrust Difference

Yieldtrust combines fixed-income investment opportunities with education and insights. Using our proprietary UX, we deliver a proprietary experience for both you and your customers, making it easy for them to connect with secure investments. With us, you no longer need to develop your own fixed income proposition for your customers – we do all that for you.

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Easy SDK

Yieldtrust offers a developer-friendly SDK and easy integration with APIs making it easier to expand abroad. With our software development kit, you can tailor fixed-income investment opportunities to your audience, delivering a fully branded experience from start to finish.

Diversify Client Portfolios

Yieldtrust helps your clients avoid investing solely in high-risk, highly correlated assets, such as cryptocurrency, equities, and housing, and improves their global diversification. Our platform provides them the opportunity to invest in fixed-income assets to secure their financial well-being going forward.

Offer Fractional Bonds

Clients may not always want to own full bonds. Our backend fractionalisation service lets you break down bonds into smaller chunks and offer them to customers via their digital apps. Clients with smaller budgets can then diversify their fixed income arrangements over time.

Start Onboarding Your Clients Today

Fund managers, portfolio managers, and registered investment advisors can use our embedded services to begin onboarding clients immediately and start processing trades. No complex integrations are required.

Give Clients Education And Insights

Brokers and investment platforms should provide their clients with education and insights. With us, customers can learn more about investments and choose to buy assets that align with their financial goals. Materials help them become more familiar with the asset classes available to them and improve decision-making.

Why Fixed Income?

During uncertain times, your clients want investments that will provide them with steady returns, year after year.

With many financial markets in chaos, only CDs, government bonds, bond ETFs give investors the surety they need about their future financial position.

Fixed interest opportunities are likely to grow over time as investors seek ways to preserve their wealth during difficult transition periods.

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