Easy Investments with Minimal Risk

Yieldtrust is a fixed-income trading platform that brings an Amazon market style approach to fixed-income investing. Enjoy investments with clear payout plans that work across multiple markets including money markets, Sukuks, municipal bonds and green investment opportunities.

Our platform offers those without a fixed income education the chance to understand the long-term yields behind your investment. Read on to find out how using Yieldtrust for your investments will provide easy investing, with minimal risk.

What Is Fixed Income?

Fixed-income trading refers to a type of investment that guarantees a repayment of the original amount the investor paid. It works like a loan, called a ‘bond’. The investor pays a fixed amount to a company, or government agency, that must be repaid to the investor at the end of the agreed period. The investor makes an income through the money that is paid to them until the bond ‘matures’ (is due to be paid back). It is commonly done by companies that need to raise capital to fund specific ventures, and national or federal governments, and government-backed agencies.

Do I Need a Fixed-Income Education Before Investing?

Yieldtrust provides you with the fixed-income education you need to start investing. Our modular and intuitive platform allows you to easily select from a range of investments. The varied investment opportunities help you to create a diverse portfolio. All the financial interactions and variations are managed behind the scenes by our fixed-income specialists and trading experts.

In addition to Yieldtrust’s behind the scenes financial assistance, we also provide a retail-like investing experience. Choose the investments you want, whenever and wherever you want. Browse several fixed-income investment opportunities from across the world, carefully curated for you.

All our investment opportunities are jargon-free and hassle-free. The investment you select is exactly what you will receive. It’s never been easier to create a diverse and extensive fixed-income portfolio without sophisticated fixed-income knowledge.

Is Fixed-Income Compliant with Sukuks?

The Yieldtrust portfolio is Sukuk compliant. You can purchase a fixed-income products with us that is entirely compliant with Islamic beliefs and teachings. Fixed-income investments are not speculative and must be paid back later to the original investor. At Yieldtrust, our experts have worked in Islamic banking for decades, ensuring that we can provide you with Islamic-compliant investments.

What Fixed-Income Markets Are Available?

Yieldtrust manages all fixed income markets to create opportunities for investors and business partners alike. Choose from:

  • Government issued Bonds and Money Markets – short to medium term, fixed-income investments at your fingertips.
  • Sukuks - investments compliant with Islamic teaching.
  • Green bonds - sustainable and ethical investments.
  • High yield fixed deposits – Offered through participating banks across the globe.
  • DEFI Yield opportunities – Carefully curated with select protocols.

Our fixed-income financial experts have carefully curated a portfolio of investments to suit every investor.

How Easy Is It to Invest with Yieldtrust?

Yieldtrust offers a pain-free account set up with minimal hassle. Provided you’re a high-end investor, or fulfill a few of our minimal criteria, you can set up an account whenever you want. We’ll simply ask for a few details from you, and you’ll be ready to browse your potential investment portfolio. We are also partnering with digital banks, investment advisors and other financial institutions to offer our products as part of their wealth offerings, making it easy for you to access and invest in Yieldtrust’s product offerings. You can easily view your investments at any time. Your investment portfolio is entirely dictated by you, for you. It’s never been easier to invest. And all without the risk of fluctuating stock or cryptocurrency markets.

How Does Yieldtrust? Support Its Business Partners?

Are you a business looking to offer a fixed-income portfolio to your clients? With Yieldtrust’s fully integrated services, you can manage your portfolio and your clients from your own wealth app, fully branded to your own business. Our white-label app services mean that you can enjoy all the benefits of Yieldtrust’s platform from behind your very own logo and style guidelines.

Businesses that partner with us can enjoy several tailored benefits with the Yieldtrust platform, including:

  • Full Platform White Label with Savings Aggregation Service - enjoy access to Yieldtrust’s full fixed-income portfolio. All the infrastructure of Yieldtrust mirrored to your exact branding and specifications.
  • Embedded Yieldtrust and Savings Aggregation Services or integration via APIs - host your own portfolio of fixed-income products, with the support of Yieldtrust’s fractionalization and order aggregation services.
  • Fractionalization-as-a-Service - your business infrastructure, backed by Yieldtrust’s own fractionalization services via Yieldtrust API.

We cater for businesses looking for end-to-end support and clients that simply need our platform for fractionalization services.

What Makes Yieldtrust Different from Other Fixed-Income Platforms?

Yieldtrust has several unique attributes that make our platform stand out from the competition. Read on for just some of our bespoke and premium qualities.

DEFI Protocols

DEFI protocols are decentralized finance contracts that run on a blockchain network. It takes out the third-party intermediaries, like banks and brokers, from financial transactions. Transactions are carried out via a computer code and are all encrypted. Enjoy the fun of digital investing without the risk associated with cryptocurrency.

Choose From Global Government Bonds

Choose from a range of government bonds from developing, frontier, and developed markets. We offer sovereign (issued by national or federal government) and sub-sovereign (local government) fixed-income options to suit every investor.

Investment Advisor Friendly

Are you a qualified investment advisor? Simply onboard your clients via Yieldtrust and process their trades. We also cater to fund managers and portfolio managers keen to capitalize on investment opportunities for their clients.

Fractionalization Services Available

Businesses offering fractionalized bonds can use our fractionalization services through the Yieldtrust platform. It’s never been easier and more efficient to manage and deliver fractionalized bonds to a wide audience.

Everyone Has an App

Both investors and partners can manage their investments and portfolio from within the app. Reinvest, withdraw money, and view your portfolio all from one screen. It’s never been easier to invest.

Yieldtrust: Accessible Fixed-Income Trading for Businesses and Investors

If you partner or choose to invest with us, you’ll benefit from our fixed-income experts, and our integrated technology services. We make it simple for investors and business partners to come together with simple and accessible fixed-income trading.